Saturday, May 24, 2008

production log

I have made a production log for torpedo man and may delete the chat box on the blog, N.O studios updates- but nah. Torpedo man is going to be my entry into the AIM contest. It is about a man who always runs as fast as a torpedo from the futuristic police. (sorta like crazy frog/the annoying and thats all I can tell you. It will be released on september 28, 2008.

-NO studios/owen

Sunday, May 11, 2008

need to catch up!

man, I really need to catch up on some brickfilms. The Brickfilm still hasn't come out (because I'm lazy) so I made a new date. Also I've been brainstorming lately for movies I should make with Nick. the side pictures are posters that I made for N.O studios behind the scenes, and THE CAMERA. so I just gave you all something to look forward to!


Monday, May 5, 2008

w00t! i won!

If u didn't know yet I entered a video into a normal video contest on youtube. It was pretty easy so I entered it. TWICE. the first one was very very very very blurry so i deleted it and i didn't want to do it all again so i made a rap about the first video with a surprise at the end. and today i found out i w it on! you can watch it here:

Saturday, May 3, 2008

lots of updates

alright there are ALOTTTTTTTT of updates I haven't said yet but have been wanting to say. first, I got the OFFICIAL website built for NOstudios go to it at . second, "the brickfilm" is not out yet. I found another good editing program yesterday called photoscape. It's a lot like photoshop but doesn't cost anything and is more simple to understand. Third, (and last) me and Nick (NOstudios) has came in contact with Oblong pictures.

-NO studios