Monday, September 29, 2008

updates updates updates

okay, so I haven't updated nostudiosproductions lately, so I thought I would do that just now.

first of all I am in the process of a new website, if you go there right now, it will be blank, because that is the html code I have right now, you can view it here. but it is under construction, so I would not go there. I am using Nvu as my coder, which is just like dreamweaver, and I use for hosting.

and if you haven't figured it out, my actual e-mail is .

right now (literally) I am working on a new brickfilm which the deadline is october 1st, and I have been animating my brains out. I am going to get done with animation today and edit most of it tommorow.
it is my SIBC#2 entry, which stands for: Sports In Brickfilming Challenge and it's the second one. my sport I picked is Vacuum racing. it has ALLOT of pan shots, dolly shoots, and camera movements. it is easy to do that because I figured out that the logitech quickcam pro 4000 can stick onto a canon powershot tripod, which I am very glad ;) (thank you mom).

also if you haven't joined yet, register onto the forum at so you can keep details about brickfilming.

well I guess that's it.


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