Tuesday, February 3, 2009

woah, sorry for not updating. :(

so, yeah. I haven't updated in a looooong time. well, allot has happened.

1. I quit torpedo man, it sucks.

2. I started a new project, have 10:34 of it done, it's called Zorron, check it out on my flickr and learn some.

3. this was awesome.

I am a mac user, since christmas! I got a black macbook 2.4Ghz 250GB free space! it is awesome.

4. I entered THAC 6, :D

5. absolutely from now on, I animate with canon powershot.

6. for my birthday (Jan 31st) I got a MIDI keyboard!

7. I also got for my birthday flickr pro which is really awesome.

so, yeah. that's pretty much it.

and don't worry, I'm not gonna wait a LOOONG time until I post again. ;)


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